Main Tuolumne

Preston Holmes

Trip photos from a 3 day raft supported run down the Main Tuolumne. Side Hike up the NF Tuolumne. Pictures of the rafts in Clavey Falls taken by Alex Chong.

DCP_0656 DCP_0657 DCP_0658 DCP_0659 DCP_0660
DCP_0662 DCP_0663 DCP_0665 DCP_0667 DCP_0669
DCP_0670 DCP_0672 DCP_0673 DCP_0674 DCP_0675
DCP_0678 DCP_0680 DCP_0681 DCP_0682 DCP_0683
DCP_0689 DCP_0692 DCP_0693 DCP_0695 DCP_0696
DCP_0697 DCP_0698 DCP_0699 DCP_0700 DCP_0701
DCP_0702 DCP_0703 DCP_0704 DCP_0707 DCP_0708
DCP_0710 DCP_0711 DCP_0712 DCP_0713 DCP_0716
DCP_0717 DCP_0718 DCP_0724 DCP_0725 DCP_0726
DCP_0727 DCP_0729 DCP_0730 DCP_0731 DCP_0733
DCP_0735 DCP_0738 DCP_0739 DCP_0741 DCP_0742
DCP_0743 DCP_0744 DCP_0746 DCP_0749 DCP_0751
DCP_0753 DCP_0754 DCP_0755 DCP_0759