Images from Croatia

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This batch contains images from Trogir, Milna, Hvar, and Vis.

Detail of an old shutter in the city of Trogir

Small courtyard in Trogir.

My father and I reading the paper on one of the many motor passages on autopilot.

The town of Milna on the island of Brac (c with ^) we stayed one night here in the marina (in order to fill the water tanks and wash the boat)

Sleepy cat among the old building in the backroads (Milna)

Yet another shot of the picturesque limestone buildings of the Croatian coast. (Milna)

My father soaking up the surroundings. (Milna)

Window nestled among the local cruising boats (mostly Italian) in the marina at Milna.

Sundial beneath the bell tower in a monastary in Hvar town.

Detail of an old door (Hvar)

Mediterranean landscaping (Hvar)

Mom and Dad posed on the bow of "Window" in front of Hvar Town.

Piles of rock cleared on the Island of Vis for vinyards

Great old church on the hill above the town of Komiz (z with ^)

The eerie blue light in the blue grotto of Bisevo island where the light comes in below rocks (the area here in the cave is maybe 10 meters wide).

The backdrop behind our cockpit when anchored in Komiz

After diving on 19th century Italian shipwreck the site is visited by 20 divers off the large sailboat.

More backdrop in Komiz.

The setting sun lights the hill behind the town of Komiz, even as it falls into the shadow of the cliffs on its bay.

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