Continuing images from Croatia

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So far today there is just no wind - so we are motoring along and this gives me plenty of time to muck around with these images.

Trail along the water on Dugi Otok to the Salt Lake (which was pretty uninteresting) and the sea cliffs

The platform tents that seemed to be some form of campground on Dugi Otok

Looking down the cliffs into the clear water on the west side of Dugi Otok

More cliffs

More cliffs

Little oven cooking space at the resteraunt where you can also rent scooters and boats in the big natural park harbor on Dugi Otok.

Traditional marchers as part of the festival on Saturday night in the town of Sali on Dugi Otok.

The same marchers the next day in more formal wear (These guys later marched right into the water of the harbor while still playing until they were neck deep - I shot video but didn't get any digital pics)

The Donkey Races!

The crowd making way (the donkeys really weren't that fast)

Winner carrying a flare around the harbor

Finally enough wind to get the cruising chute up

The waterfron of the town Rogoznica

Another view of Rogoznica

Falling down OLD slate roof in Rogoznica.

More old buildings in town

Putting together the flying dighy

In Flight

Old shutters on an old wall

Fishing trawlers at the town wall

Window at the town wall

The old port building which we anchored next to in Rogoznica.

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