Some quick images from Croatia

In the belief that a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm putting up these pics while travelling in Croatia instead of (or addition to) writing a bunch of postcards and individual emails.

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The trip started out in Split, the weather was very hot while we were here and the highlight included the Diocletian palace an old Roman ruin froming a walled part of the city that still has 3000 people living in it with all kinds of shops.

View of the waterfront in Split

"Window" in the marina at Split

New and Old in the city of Split

Interesting 24 hour clock in the old palace in Split

Parents exploring the walled palace in Split

The next night we stayed in a small bay, it had a number of swimmers during the day and we were only boat in there that night. Very quiet. I didn't snap any digipics...

We then headed to the city of Sibenik (Special "s" like Pleasure).

The city of Sibenik is just up a river anb built along a hill.

The Sibenik waterfront

One of the most famous buildings in the city is its old cathedral

Inside the Cathedral

As an excursion later in the day we went to the waterfalls in the krka national park. There were unbelievable hordes of people, but it was a fun microjourney getting there.

A few pictures from the old streets in Sibenik:

Window along the wall for the day and night in Sibenik

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