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Wed 07 January 2009

Fixing PDB and TextMate for files with spaces in path

There is a cool little glue package out there called PdbTextMateSupport that allows you to highlight the current line of python code as you debug it in PDB, python's debugger. It works by sending URLs to textmate - however the python code does not escape spaces in the path, and if you are on OS X there is a decent chance that you have a folder somewhere along the way that might have a space...

Here is the fix:

om os.path import existsfrom os import systemimport urllibdef mate(self):    frame, lineno = self.stack[self.curindex]    filename = self.canonic(frame.f_code.co_filename)    f2 = urllib.quote(filename)    if exists(filename):        tm_url = 'txmt://open?url=file://%s&line=%d&column=2' % (f2, lineno)        osa_cmd = 'tell application "TextMate" to get url "%s"' % tm_url        system('osascript -e \'%s\'' % osa_cmd)def preloop(self):    mate(self)def precmd(self, line):    mate(self)    return line