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Tue 08 September 2009

Making iPhone iTunes remote more useful

The iTunes remote is pretty slick - if only it could turn on the stereo

I have a mac mini set up as a HTPC. The music end of this was a bit neglected as it was originally set up to use a custom onscreen menu control to switch between several ...

Thu 16 July 2009

Pre-fetch Apple downloads as dmg files

In my quest to automate the workflow of managing Macs at work, I wanted a way to download disk image files from apple ahead of time - once downloaded the next will be to integrate with my watched install project from the previous post, and then auto lcreate the loadsets. I ...

Wed 15 July 2009


[update: project now on bitbucket]

**The Problem**

There is often the need in a deployment scenario to repackage an installer into some other format. This might be a [radmind][1] transcript, a simple payload only installer package or perhaps just a manifest of what exactly changed on the system.

Apple ...

Thu 04 June 2009

Saving time (and wrists) scripting Illustrator

Sometimes doing tedious layout work in Illustrator is both time consuming and hard on the wrists. In this post I show a quick example of how one can script Illustrator very effectively

I work at a school where I'm involved in putting together our yearbook. For several years now ...

Mon 23 February 2009

Time Machine: poor man's version control

There are a has been a number of version control systems en vogue over time, CVS, SVN, Git etc.

I try to keep up with them, use them where possible, but don't put EVERYTHING I do in version control. Since I am on a Mac running Leopard, I do ...