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Mon 15 February 2010

Kevin Nails it

The [Django Advent]( site is proving to be some great writing. The [recent piece]( by [Kevin Fricovsky]( hits the nail on the head in so many ways.

Basically he is highlighting some areas for growth when it comes to the process of combining, in an efficient way, multiple reusable Django apps.

He covers the following areas:

* settings

* static media

* upload paths

* Migrations

* cache keys

* translation

Basically - every one of those except the last two is a pain point that I've experienced relatively early in my Django life.

The Django community has a strong bent towards caution and letting "convention" pick the best in class. While this works in some cases (ie I think it has happened with South for migrations) it is often slow to be recognized or slow to happen.

Basically - South is the way to go for migrations and it's time to give the author the support that comes from it being the blessed version. If not then there is the risk that he will burn out, and South will wither, and then we have to begin the process all over again (I know thats not likely - but it is a risk)

For other areas - waiting for a "cohesive" convention is a waste of time, because there are multiple, equally good, ways of doing something, and the problem is not that one is better, just that there exists frustrating variety in the context of predictable combination and reuse.

Take upload paths - it would really take nothing to namespace the upload zone as Kevin is suggesting. This is not a convention that will organically come from the community easily, and should just be something that Django core dictates. There is a reason why Python likes the BDFL tag - because we know that it's often best in the end to just have certain things dictated.

Same with static media - Django already basically does this with templates, it seems like it makes sense to extend and expand on that approach for static media.

I don't know much about cache keys and translation - but given how strongly I agree with everything else in the article, the suggestions should probably be strongly considered.

Like the whos down in whoville, just wanted to add one more "we are here, we are here"