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Wed 29 April 2009

Reducing size of iPhoto POI database

This is probably only of interest to those of you that have to deploy iPhoto over a slower (ie wireless) network.

_updated with corrections from comments_

The main application package for iPhoto 8 is over 300mb - of that 100+ is a Points of interest database, that contains information in many languages about various points on the globe.

You can remove the non-english language stuff - and so far I have found no ill effects on an english system.

Be warned that this could brake future iPhoto updates

cd /Applications/

cp PointOfInterest.db PointOfInterest_original.db

sqlite3 PointOfInterest.db

sqlite> .read /path/to/droplanguages.sql

Where droplanguages.sql contains:

DROP TABLE GeoLookup_da;

DROP TABLE GeoLookup_de;

DROP TABLE GeoLookup_es;

DROP TABLE GeoLookup_fi;

DROP TABLE GeoLookup_fr;

DROP TABLE GeoLookup_it;

DROP TABLE GeoLookup_ja;

DROP TABLE GeoLookup_ko;

DROP TABLE GeoLookup_nl;

DROP TABLE GeoLookup_no;

DROP TABLE GeoLookup_pl;

DROP TABLE GeoLookup_pt;

DROP TABLE GeoLookup_ptbr;

DROP TABLE GeoLookup_ru;

DROP TABLE GeoLookup_sv;

DROP TABLE GeoLookup_zh;

DROP TABLE GeoLookup_zhtw;

DELETE FROM GeoPlaceNames WHERE language!="en";


This reduces the POI database to a lean 12MB

To exit sqlite just type .exit on a line by itself at the sqlite3 prompt