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Fri 13 February 2009

Twitter to Growl Agent in Python

While my primary Twitter usage is on my iPhone - I sometimes get behind and would like to not have to catch up with 100 tweets at the end of the day. I've had [Growl]( installed on my machine for a while now and figured it would be nice to just have some tweets appear in that.

I'm also always on the look out for reducing the number of apps I need to run, so I didn't want to run twitterific just for its growl support. A quick search of scripts that would link twitter to growl turned up some working and not working examples in ruby [ [1](




And some overly complex examples in Python which do their own twitter api calling. [




I wanted to add some features, and lean on one of the well done twitter modules.

So here is another take on a twitter and growl conduit - done in python. Some of the features not seen in the others:

* Will watch your input devices for when you are idle/away and store up tweets to show you when you return

* Lets you designate certain users as being "sticky" so their tweets stay on screen

* manages a cache of user profile images

* is very lightweight (only about 100 lines of readable code)


* You need [Growl]( of course

* You need the Growl Python language bindings that are part of the [SDK](

* You need the less recognized, but very well done [Twitter module]( from Mike Verdone

Here is [the script](