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Thu 20 November 2008

Hard Drive Milestone

I can remember my first hard drive. It was in college - I think it was an IBM PC-AT - it was 20MB and it seemed huge at the time (and it was for all I had were wordperfect files) - and it was very expensive. I don't even remember how it connected.

Then I remember buying a new 200MB drive for the lab I was working in - I think it was like $600 and it didn't feel as large because now we were using photoshop and canvas - but still it was pretty mind blowing that you could get one drive that could hold 200MB.

Now today I just got in the mail a 1TB drive. Terabyte = 1000GB or 1 trillion bytes = (1,000,000,000,000) bytes.

The price $99


Unfortuntely USB seems to be winning out over firewire in terms of prevalence, and neither USB nor eSATA allow daisy-chaining the way FW does. But with sizes like this - maybe its less of an issue, for now....