Kayak Building 123 with Byron and Preston

OK, this for now is mostly pictures. A couple years ago I did a site about building my first kayak, the Gecko. Well I've learned alot about boats since then, and this time I've teamed up with Byron Olson who has been building surfboards for about as long as he's been walking. We both feel the process needs to be further demystified. Note though, that although not hard, you should think hard before jumping in to build your own boat. You need space, cash, materials, and TIME. Don't think you are going to build yourself a boat to save money.

Installment #1

Making the templates and getting them into foam

Installment #2

Cutting the outline, shaping

Installment #3

Final shaping, rails, and poping the two pieces

Installment #4

Reassembly, and color laminations

Installment #5

The Finished Boats