Views of near final shapes: One of Byron's (on the left) and two of mine taken without flash to show the shaping room lighting on the surfaces (which will likely not be as pronounced in the final shape after glassing - although I like them so I might sand them back in).


After the rails are trued up as two vertical surfaces, the rounding process is started first with a bevel. In this type of lighting it is far easier to see any uneveness or asymmetry with straight hard lines that cast shadows. Once the shape is roughed in this way, it is relatively easy to go and round off the hard edges. Note that in the right photo, the protrusion of the rail is somewhat accentuated by the lighting.


Pictures of the deck part split from the board part. The deck part looked really strange this way, but cool strange. Popping them off was a bit harder than we had hoped for. Really only a couple dots of epoxy are all that are needed to hold them together while shaping, and we used thick quarter sized globs.

At this point we seal the foam with a mixture of epoxy and microballoon to prevent the nooks and crannies from absorbing too much resin during the laminating.

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