Sea Kayaking to Anacapa

This is just a quick page thrown together about a kayak trip my friend Rocky and I took out to Anacapa island over Memorial day. Anacapa is the closest of the Channel Islands.

Anacapa is located about 11 from Oxnard 14 from Ventura. Some more detailed information about potential launching points and directions are here.

Though we got a rather late (5:15pm) start the wind and seas were calm and I expected the shipping traffic to be relatively light.

Rocky paddling out at sunset

Luckily there was a light house near the landing area as we arrived 4 hours later; after dark. The landing area is west of the lighthouse and Arch rock (you can barely see the light house on the panorama above)

Map of Anacapa

The landing area is a small cement pier built onto the side of a cliff. This is the only landing on the island and I am not referring to legality. First the boats had to be hauled up 15-20'. Once they were up we decided to leave them on the pier where there were kayaks that had be ferried out. The only other choice would have been to carry them up the 5 flights of spiral stairs that make their way up the cliff to the top of the island, no thanks.

The Haulout

One should pack light as after the climb up the stairs one is faced with a 1/4 mile hike to the campground. While not bad with a pack, two or three dry bags can begin to seem pretty heavy.

The campground is nothing special. There are latrines, picnic tables, and tent sites. Bring your own water and trash bags. There is limited hiking and a visitors center. If the tides are right take a peak over the edge of the cliffs on the N. side and see the packs of sea lions on the beaches below.

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