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Wed 09 September 2009

Launching OE-Cake

OE-Cake is still expired for OS X - lets work around that

So OE-Cake now has a beta for windows - but not OS X.

We still have the binary from their old version that expired some time ago - we were launching it with ARD with the below trick, but now I ...

Tue 08 September 2009

Making Google Earth work for us

In our school environment, we had a couple issues with Google Earth's default behaviors - here are my workarounds.

First off we have a student web proxy that works based on a whitelist concept. So we have to allow any web traffic explicitly. With the help of little snitch and ...

Thu 03 September 2009

simple weak password generator

There are times I need to create some easy to remember weak initial passwords for students - here is a quick script

Note that these are not strong passwords as they are the definition of "dictionary" passwords...

import sys
import os
import random

dfile = '/usr/share/dict/web2'

def main():
    for ...

Mon 24 August 2009

Managing mailman on the command line

Even though we moved our email from OS X server to google apps for education - we still manage our lists with a local mailman instance (still on 10.4). However the web based interface for adding new members can be a bit of a pain as it never seems to ...