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Wed 28 October 2009

Restricting login to account based on IP address

At work we needed to have a standard local account that would work off campus, but not on campus. Here was my solution.

First I check for the user and create it if it doesn't exist


user_exists=`dscl . -read /Users/remote GeneratedUID | grep -c GeneratedUID`

if [ $user_exists -ne ...

Wed 09 September 2009

Launching OE-Cake

OE-Cake is still expired for OS X - lets work around that

So OE-Cake now has a beta for windows - but not OS X.

We still have the binary from their old version that expired some time ago - we were launching it with ARD with the below trick, but now I ...

Tue 08 September 2009

Making Google Earth work for us

In our school environment, we had a couple issues with Google Earth's default behaviors - here are my workarounds.

First off we have a student web proxy that works based on a whitelist concept. So we have to allow any web traffic explicitly. With the help of little snitch and ...

Tue 18 August 2009

Editing long commands

Sometimes you get in a situation where you are editing a long command on the command line and you'd kill to be able to use your mouse to select a word or option in the middle. This tip makes it a pleasure

First for me their was the discovery ...