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Sat 10 May 2008

Desktop as music video

I'm sure this is going to circulate far and wide in the Mac blogging world, but it is worth giving it one more airing. I can't imagine how long this must have taken to get all the timing right:

Sat 10 May 2008

More good NPR

This one on how the economy woes are tied to what people expect in terms of lifestyle. And for things to get better, people will have to change their lifestyle - not something most Americans want to do - hence, I think the economic problems will last longer.

Sat 10 May 2008

new NPRcollaboration (ATC, TAL)

A new NPR collaboration between All Things Considered and This American Life sounds promising. Their first program looks at the root origins of the subprime mess. Something I wish I had acted on earlier because I was one of the ones in 2004-5 predicting a train wreck (from the sidelines ...

Mon 28 April 2008

NPR Series on Debt

Really looking forward to a weeklong series starting today on NPR focusing on Debt. I think along with energy, the issue of the amount of debt we have both as a nation, and as a nation of individuals is going to compound with the future of energy problems.

In the ...

Mon 28 April 2008

Lee Iacocca, still around.

Lee Iacocca's book in the 80's was one of the first books of that genre (contemporary, memoir/commentary). And while I don't remember much of it, it remember it made a pretty big impression on me. Turns out he is still writing and has interesting things to ...

Mon 28 April 2008

Creative Graphic

One of a bunch of cartoons about high gas prices someone sent, but this one had a creative design that needed highlighting;


Fri 25 April 2008

Guilt Free Eco-Forks? Think again

I'm hearing more and more about people buying plastic cutlery based on corn and or potato starches.

The thinking is "Hey, these are plant based, and biodegrade". The problems?:

Tue 22 April 2008

Peak-Oil going more mainstream

This morning as oil hit a new all time high, Shell's chief strategist all but spelled out Peak Oil, albeit somewhat indirectly.

Referring to a 'plateau of readily accessible conventional liquid oil' or some other euphemism for: "we're not going to have enough oil to meet demand". Those ...

Mon 14 April 2008

Multiple mouthes

I think it pretty dumb that in one breath the reporting is that there is no inflation, citing "core" inflation figures that exclude energy and food (if those aren't core, what is?), while in the next breath touting that consumer spending is "up" (but not always noting that the ...

Fri 11 April 2008

Perspective of 3 screens

How can an iPhone screen be as large as a 42" flatscreen, or a 13" MacBook?


Picture of an iPhone, Macbook, and a 42" LCD with approx the same scene from Lost lined up so that they "appear" the same size. I'll let someone with more time figure out ...

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