Bird Rock!

Bird Rock Surf

This is a page to showcase some video that we got the other day surfing our kayaks at Bird Rock in early July of 96.

Bird Rock is a surf spot in San Diego that is great when it is going off - which isn't all that often. For a more complete description of the spot see Rocky's write up of another day.

There is an assortment of media to choose from here:


QuickTime Movies

To view these you will need Apple's QuickTime software (standard on most Macs). This is the best way to see these sequences. NOTE: that each movie is just over a megabyte in size - so if you have a slow connection you may want to just skip them....

Thanks to our videographers: Ruth Bodner and Mike Contos

Maybe I'll convert these to using the plugin at some point...

Animated Gifs

This is another way to see the animations right in your browser window (though not as smooth as QuickTime animation). These are around 300K and are much shorter and smaller than the QuickTime animations.

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