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Sespe Creek 1998

Complete story and photos from this 3 day trip with Tom and Rocky

Upper N. Fork of the Kaweah

Trip report, photos and maps of this gem of a run in the Sierras

Rocky's El Nino writeups

Some text writeups of some of the 98 El Nino runs

Thanksgivings in Baja

Story and photos from 3 trips down to Las Encantadas. Las Encantadas or "the Enchanted Islands" are a chain of about 5 distinct islands in the Northern Sea of Cortez off the Baja peninsula. They offer some very exciting sea kayaking due to their isolation, the clear green waters surrounding their often rock-studded shores, the warm water that remains there from May-November, excellent fishing, and strong tidal currents and winds that can be taken advantage of.

New Orleans

A Travel Journal for New Orleans: Monday, November 3, 1997
Experimental early project in automated remote content management

Hospital Rock section of the Kaweah

Story:Keith Richards-Dinger Photos: Rick Norman
A web page a put together about this trip.

Royal Flush on the Kern River

A page about the Royal Flush rapid on the lower Kern River with story, photos and video of a close call

Kayak Surfing at Bird Rock

Some pictures and video of "early" kayak surfing at Bird Rock

South Fork of the Kern River

A trip report and photos from Rocky Contos


An early web page about a trip with some folks from the department of Neuroscience down to Arbolitos in Baja

Anacapa Paddle

Early web page about a trip out to Anacapa Island in the Channel Island

Coverage of the 1995 Kern River Festival

Coverage with photos of the 1995 Kern River Festival

Sespe Creek 1995

Text: H. Charles Foster
Photos: Patrick Kruse
Captions: Keith Dinger
An account of their trip in March of 1995

San Dieguito River

Exploring backyard runs in 1995

Kolaski waveski

An early page on my first waveski
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