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Kayak Polo Nationals in Fort Collins

Pictures from Boathenge, the competition, Estes Park, Snowboating at Copper, and kayaking in Zion
Black Canyon of the Colorado

This trip was a 2 day Aqua Adventures trip down the Black Canyon of the Colorado that I was co-guiding in mid March of 2000
Pictures of the first Factory Boogies

These were some pictures I took of some of the first production Boogie Surf Kayaks. Also some comparison shots of the production boat to one of the prototypes.
Channel Islands overnighter

8 quick photos from a short trip out to the Channel Islands
Wavesport XXX kayak spoof

Spoof photo when the rumors were flying about how small the XXX kayak was.
Baja Whales and Desert

Photo gallery of Whales and Desert from a trip I co-guided for Aqua Adventures in February of 2000
Kayak Surfing Cardiff Reef

Some action shots of me at Cardiff Reef in the fiberglass Boogie prototype
A super cool cloud

One of the coolest clouds I've ever seen

Hiking in Dinky Lakes Wilderness

Dinkey Lakes Wilderness located east of Fresno California is a gem of the Sierras. Multiple high mountain lakes all close together and each nested into the mountains at a different elevation.
Dinkey Creek

Photos from a trip down Dinkey Creek

Kayak mounted Camera

Pictures and Video clip of camera mounted camera experiment, the camera was made from a chip camera, and a home made housing.

The Gecko Surf Boat

A set of pages about the building of the Gecko Surf Kayak, which evolved into the Riot Boogie.
Old X rumor photo

Photo fueling the rumors that the early WS X prototypes were 'borrowed' from Riot designs.
Road trip across Utah

Some photos from Zion, Bryce, and Spooky Gulch in Utah
Upper White Salmon

5 pics from this run down the Upper White Salmon
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