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Middle Fork of the Salmon River

A 100 mile trip with fantastic weather through the canyons of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho over Memorial Day weekend Photos and some 3D graphs.

Grand Canyon 2002

Pictures from this years 21 day trip down "The Canyon"
Bald Rock Canyon

This has to be one of the most spectacular Sierra Granite canyons, white granite - and lots of it
May 2002 Sierra Boating trip

Some photos from a week that included trips down the Middle Fork of the Feather River, the South Fork of the Merced River and the Upper section of the Clavey
Low water run on the Tule

A rather low water trip down the Tule river - still a run with spectacular granite even at these flows.
Paddling in Oregon in the Snow

A few quick pictures from paddling in the hood river region

Building Surf kayaks

Documenting the construction of building a one off surf kayak with foam and fiberglass

Surf Kayaking in Maui

On the quest of surfing Jaws on Maui in Surf Kayaks
Baja excursion

Multistop trip down to Baja including desert, whale watching, and sea kayaking in the Gulf of California
Grand Canyon 2001

21 day raft and kayak trip down the Grand Canyon, this was my second trip and is the best way to see this natural wonder
Todos Santos Paddle

Pictures from a weekend paddle to this island of the coast of Ensenada Mexico

Channel Islands Surfing

Pictures and a short video from a weekend of kayak surfing out in the channel islands

Jalama Crash and Burn Highlights

Highlight clip from the 2000 Jalama gathering

kickflip off the wave

Highlight clip from the Santa cruz video showing a exit aerial kickflip

Video of a kayak surfing in the Channel Islands

Four segments of quicktime movies of kayak surfing in the Channel Islands
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