Wave Ski!!

For those that have tried surf kayaking but have been dissapointed by performance there is an answer: wave ski

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I decided to do a couple pages on my relatively new wave ski. More or less for the following reasons:
I have done a fair amount of surfing in my whitewater boat, which I admit is not a very modern one in design (an old Dancer), however most WW kayaks are going to suffer performance due to lack of solid rails. Since I live in San Diego and the WW season is too short, it was important to me to have a good surf craft. Well on the net I saw a used wave ski for sale locally so I decided to by one.

The craft itself can easily be described as a slightly wide and thick surfboard. There are a couple toe loops ala windsurfer style and you are held on by a seatbelt-like belt with a NON-slip buckle(this is crucial). If the seat-belt is not tight it makes very difficult rolling nearly impossible. I think modification to some sort of knee straps might improve things (like some small squirt boats I've seen). Here are two views of the craft:

My friend captured a decent sequence of one ride in late December.

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