Three Years of Giving Thanks at las Islas Encantadas

Eventually this will be a full website, right now it is just a set of galleries.

For now here is a brief intro from Rocky's '95 write up, and a link to the three galleries.

Las Encantadas or "the Enchanted Islands" are a chain of about 5 distinct islands in the Northern Sea of Cortez off the Baja peninsula. They offer some very exciting sea kayaking due to their isolation, the clear green waters surrounding their often rock-studded shores, the warm water that remains there from May-November, excellent fishing, and strong tidal currents and winds that can be taken advantage of. The 4 largest of these islands lie 2-3 miles off shore and each are separated in a north-south fashion by 2-3 miles, making them an excellent chain to island-hop. The tidal ranges in the Northern Cortes are incredible, reaching over 20 ft at San Felipe. These changes decrease as one moves south, so that at Puertecitos they're 18 ft, at San Luis Gonzaga 16 ft, and at Bahia de Los Angeles 12 ft. The area recieves less than 3 inches of rain annually, and cloudy skies are not common, often giving spectacular views of the stars at night. The winds usually blow from the north in the months of Nov-May, sometimes extremely strongly. However, easterlies ("elephantes") are also common. Winds from the other directions occur, but not as often. In summer the predominant direction is gently from the southeast.

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